Different times are upon us. But, if two people can take on the feat of parenthood during a pandemic, it is these two. Troy and Liz have been through many years of trying to have this sweet baby. The IVF process didn’t get them down, and neither will COVID19. We have all prayed long and hard for you baby! The love my brother and sister-in-law have was so special to capture. Baby Deutz, we are all ready for you!


Photographing my friends is one of my favorite things! Letting their personalities shine through photos is what I aim to do, and the Dietrichs make it simple. Being able to take photos year after year and watch the family grow together is so rewarding! I am planning to make lots of visits back to Fargo to take family photos for all of you.


Infant photos have totally changed for me since having Alice. I feel a whole new way about taking the photos, posing the little honeys and the whole process. Tessa in little outfit with the fur kills me! Also momma Jaime and I got to be pregnant at work together so she is extra special to me! Happy 3 months babe and Happy Halloween to all!


I seriously like taking boys senior photos. It is a completely different experience from a girl’s shoot. Usually they are super chill, short and relaxed. Donovan was no exception. We had an amazing fall day and an awesome mini session. Congrats Donovan and have a great year!