I seriously like taking boys senior photos. It is a completely different experience from a girl’s shoot. Usually they are super chill, short and relaxed. Donovan was no exception. We had an amazing fall day and an awesome mini session. Congrats Donovan and have a great year!


I love seeing families year after year! The Southwicks always bring fun and so many ideas to our sessions. Izzy especially loves to come up with poses and locations. When my clients get involved it becomes so much more personal and special! They were very excited for this years’ waterfall!


Last wedding; best wedding. The Braatens got married last weekend and it was spectacular! Jeff and Ella are two of the sweetest, most funny people you will ever meet. This is the last wedding I have booked for the foreseeable future, so I can focus on my new baby girl! Having said that I could not have asked for a better last wedding. From the amazing Masonic Center in Grand Forks to the awesome wedding party everything was elegantly perfect. Congratulations you two!